Tree-Nursery in Schelkovo

The tree-nursery, the total area of which is 36286 hectares, is a large training, industrial and scientific basis of the University. It is a rather compact nursery situated to the north of Schelkovo city next to the forests of Vladimir district. The tree-nursery provides students with field studies and helps to develop and introduce new production processes, it also serves as a pilot basis for scientific research in forestry and forest industry.

The fauna of the tree-nursery in Schelkovo is represented by a large number of various birds and animals that made possible the foundation of 2 hunting enterprises. Two forest nurseries – Grebnevskiy (area of 33 ha) and Valentinovskiy (area of 42 ha) were set up. Coniferous nurselings and bush seedlings are grown up there. The tree-nursery also comprises furniture making and sawing workshops and logging terminal.

This economic activity of the tree-nursery in Schelkovo plays a significant economic role and serves as a reliable tangible basis for training of high skilled personnel for forest industry and for scientific researches in the development of forestry, economy, forest machines and ecology.