Department of international scientific
and educational cooperation


Head department of International Scientific and Educational Cooperation: Vladimir Valentinovich Nikitin, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor

Vladimir V. Nikitin
Phone: 8 (498) 687-43-47
Room 248 (Main academic building)

Department of International Scientific and Educational Cooperation was set up to help foreign citizens to the enter Mytischi Branch of Bauman Moscow State Technical University (MB BMSTU) or other Russian institutions of higher education.

Our Mission is:

  • signing interstate agreements;
  • arranging inter-academic (cross-cultural) exchange;
  • maintaining contacts with foreign universities and organizations;
  • running pilot educational projects for foreign citizens (financed from federal or private applicants’ sources)

Department of International Scientific and Educational Cooperation enlists foreign citizens from the CIS countries (Armenia, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Kirgizstan, Kazakhstan, Abkhasia and Moldova) as well as non-CIS countries (Guinea, Nigeria, China, Vietnam, India, Iran, Mongolia, Senegal, Burkina Faso, etc.) in all Departments of Mytischi Branch of BMSTU in accordance with the agreements with the Ministry of Education and Science in Moscow and Exchange programmes.

Department of International Scientific and Educational Cooperation helps foreign applicants to prepare the documents for submission and escorts applicants to the place of testing. It also coordinates and monitors students’ academic progress and arranges their extra-curriculum activities.

Foreign citizens have the opportunity to do Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, Post-graduate courses and Doctorate programmes at Mytischi Branch of BMSTU.

Tuition is conducted in Russian.

Applicants, who don’t know the Russian language, can study Russian as a foreign language at the Preparation Department. Apart from the Russian language course applicants can do short-term courses on Maths, Economics, Physics, IT to pass their Entrance Test successfully.

Department of International Scientific and Educational Cooperation also offers programmes for those who plan to get The 1st Certificate in Russian (which is a must for embarking on Bachelor and Master courses) and The 2nd Certificate in Russian (which is necessary for post-graduate and doctorate students).

Department of International Scientific and Educational Cooperation is accredited to conduct The State Testing in the Russian language to help foreign citizens to get the Russian Citizenship.