Space Faculty

Founded in 1959 on the initiative of Academic S. P. Korolev, the faculty trains specialists that can work in any sphere where computers, information and computational systems, networks and PCs, databases and databanks, expert systems, project and economy management, various electronics, office appliances and other facilities are applied. Specialist options are Applied Mathematics, Management, Automation and Direction, Instrument-making, Computer Sciences, System Analysis and Direction, Standartization and Certification.

Qualification Code Name of field of study or specialization
Bachelor 01.03.02 Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Bachelor 09.03.01 Informatics and Computer Engineering
Bachelor 12.03.01 Instrumentation Technology
Bachelor 27.03.04 Control in Engineering Systems
Bachelor 38.03.01 Economics
Bachelor 38.03.02 Management
Bachelor 44.03.04 Professional training (in various industry sectors)
Bachelor 45.03.02 Linguistics
Specialist 24.05.06 Aircraft Control Systems
Master 01.04.02 Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Master 09.04.01 Informatics and Computer Engineering
Master 12.04.01 Instrumentation
Master 27.04.04 Control in Engineering Systems
Master 38.04.01 Economics
Master 38.04.02 Management