Faculty of Forestry, Forest Harvesting, Wood Processing Technologies and Landscape Architecture

Forest faculty trains specialists for forest industry, complex forest enterprises, departments of forest management and environment control services. Specialist options (qualifications) are Forest Engineer Work, Forestry and Aesthetic Forestry, Landscape Architecture and Establishment of Gardens and Parks, Machines and Equipment of Forest Complex, Service and Technical Operation of Transport and Technological Machines and Facilities (chemical and forest complex).

Scientific schools dealing with such principal matters of forestry and forest industry as rational exploitation, conservation and regeneration of forest resources and environment, development of optimal forest use technology were formed in the University.

Qualification Code Name of field of study or specialization
Bachelor 35.03.01 Forest Science
Bachelor 35.03.10 Landscape Architecture
Bachelor 15.03.02 Technological Machines and Equipment
Bachelor 15.03.04 Automation of Technological Processes
Bachelor 23.03.03 Technological Machine Maintenance
Bachelor 35.03.02 Technology of Logging and Wood Processing
Bachelor 18.03.01 Chemical Engineering
Master 35.04.01 Forest Science
Master 35.04.09 Landscape Architecture
Master 35.04.02 Technology of Logging and Wood Processing